Residential Interior Designer in Delhi – Make your Room Look Big!

As always, everything is easy going in a small room and can be counted too. But, sometimes you need to cover up certain details in the room just to make it bigger. Also, there are endless ways to make your small room look bigger and brighter. We already know that, space is a big trouble to small house. If you are not lucky enough to have loft or any leftover space. To know more about the space, read on; certain tips given by residential interior designers in Delhi, they will definitely help you out:

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  • Corner Sofa: If you are fighting with a small room distractions, you can add prefer adding corner sofa to the living room; this will give you the bigger room look. Corner sofa always cover a small space and offers good seating area. If you have a fixed budget for your home, make sure you do the researching by finding less costly corner sofa without compromising on the quality. It will take time, but once done; the room will be lively again.
  • A Mirror Image: Try to place single mirror in the room so that it creates a focal point, thus making the room look big. Prefer using mirror to reflect the light; by reflecting both natural and artificial light the space will appear brighter, beautiful, and bigger.
  • Lights: Keeping windows open and investing in lamps and LED spotlights is the good way to make the space look bigger. With no dark hues, a light filled with room will make it more inviting and larger. All you need to do is fill in the space accordingly. Try to hang the curtains wide and high.
  • Multi-purpose items: Try to invest in multi-purpose items to be placed in the room, but not too much. The less furniture you have, the spacious your room will look. Prefer looking for the product that comes with the hidden storage and can be placed easily in any corner. It will serve as a multi-purpose enhancement too.
  • No Fuss: Whilst selecting a rug or carpet, make sure you avoid the busy or complicated patterns. It will make it chaos and compact the overall space. Try to opt for soft colors and less pattern.
  • Cluttering: Always clear out the clutter otherwise an untidy room will look half as compared to its size. It doesn’t need to be so many focal points.

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